From Jewish Refugees to Dudu Tassa’s Iraq n’ Roll

My father an Egyptian Jew, and I would discuss the same issue every few years until his death in 2006. That’s a lot of years going over the same question: Why doesn’t the Israeli government use us Jews from Arab countries in their refugee equation? Why are we marginalized, not just in Israel but almost everywhere to the point that we are virtually invisible to the world at large? The question was an entry into our ongoing frustration, our sense of helplessness as we watched the whole world cry for the Palestinians and completely ignore Arab Jewish refugees. 800,000 plus of us from all over North Africa and the Middle East were forced out, displaced, stripped of our land and our money and eve

Rachel Wahba is a writer, psychotherapist, and co-founder of Olivia Travel/Companies. An Iraqi -Egyptian Jew, born in India, she grew up in Japan. 

The many dimensions of 

displacement and exile are a constant theme in her work as a writer, therapist, and in her activism as a Mizrahi Jew who grew up stateless. 

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