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its an interesting thought when people say i am just "preaching to the choir" at first i felt, oh, whats the use, pursue Spirituality only, and forget politics. then i realize this is not "politics" i care about, its Jew Survival. i realize Obama is not pro-Israel or Pro- Jew the US NEEDS ISRAEL and that is the only reason there is any support. Jews are a tiny minority in the world and in the USA so its not our votes that count so much…but Israel is in a strategic position despite its tiny size ( new jersey)in the hideous region my parents fled when they could. so…preaching to the choir? yes, proud to give the choir as much support as they/we need to give each other. it makes us stronger. we don't need to waste time trying to convince those who drink the Kool Aid or who just hate Israel. here's to the choir!

its our job as Jews and supporters of Israel, and our non jewish allies WHO DO NOT LIVE IN ISRAEL to support Israel and whomever the people of israel elect. i may not "like" the next PM but i will support Israel's choice this is what AIPAC does, and why i support AIPAC and not J Street or all the other organizations who want to INFLUENCE Israel's will. OUR ONLY JEWISH COUNTRY support Israel or leave israel alone and find another FOCUS!

EXCERPT: my latest blog -- "The big lie" June 9 2015 Times of Israel

As long as American Jews continue to allow this and any other future American President the ability to pretend away the existence of Arab Jewish refugees, we are helping in the destruction of our Jewish homeland.

As long as we don’t force the issue out into the open and speak about how half of Israel’s Jews were once refugees from Arab lands, we are complicit in the narrative to delegitimize and destroy Israel.

Rachel Wahba

The big lie

A lie told enough times sounds like the truth. When Obama speaks about anti-Semitism, he gets away with murder. In......



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