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Co-founders Rachel Wahba (L) & Judy Dlugacz (R) 

embark on the historic first Olivia Cruise




Since the mid-1970′s I have witnessed the transformative vision of OLIVIA. I saw how OLIVIA changed the lives of countless women — Initially through music (OLIVIA RECORDS) in the 70′S and 80′s, and in sold-out concerts around the country. Even for this diehard (yes still) Rolling Stones fan, I continue to experience the visionary music Olivia produced to create community, infused with feminist consciousness.



Today, OLIVIA, with its unique staff and entertainers, travels the world on cruise ships and visits resorts that we charter exclusively. When I see smiles that light up rooms on our guests AND the ship and hotel staff, I know something very special is happening. Tens of thousands of gay women, friends, and families have travelled with us over the past thirty five years, and each time, it is a "surprise"  to experience what freedom does for minds and heart.   

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Among my passions, is working as Director of Special Projects for OLIVIA. We recently partnered with the exceptional NGO, THE NEPAL YOUTH FOUNDATION, started by Olga Murray. We have made "Olga's Promise," Olivia's Promise. To date, we have raised over $100,000 to make sure the Kamlari Practice in West Nepal will never be revived. At the moment, there are 13,000 freed Kamlari (indentured daughters/ slaves). On a recent trip to Nepal, I saw first hand how these women and girls who once cowered in fear and shame, become strong women who are activists for equal rights and a future for themselves and further generations of girls and women. 

Olivia Co-founder-Rachel Wahba & freed Kamlari girls

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