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Individuals and couples in private practice in Marin and San Francisco since 1980 currently not taking new clients.


Life experience and a multitude of theories both psychoanalytic and Spiritual Wisdom Teachings have deepened my work with individuals and couples.


I have been strongly influenced by the work of Heinz Kohut (psychoalanytic psychology of the self/Self Psychology) and Buddhism in my work.


In my work with both individuals and couples I realize that we all yearn to FEEL understood – once we feel understood, we can open to looking at what gets in the way of a healthy sense of self and relationship.


My first and primary interest is in understanding the client and communicating this understanding. It is only after feeling understood can we make the space to “explain” and explore what gets in the way of a satisfying life. Both in individual and couples therapies, disappointments can be understood, defenses can be understood, projections, fear, longings, can be understood and worked with. Childhood wounds can be healed.



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