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When ALL Israel Is “The Settlements”

Is there any question? To those who unrelentingly wage war on the Jewish state since day one, all of Israel is “the settlements.”

If we take our heads out of the sand it is painfully obvious; the only “settlement” that must be dismantled is Israel. Political and Radical Islam leave no room for a sovereign Jewish state in “their” midst. Except for Israel most of the Middle East and North Africa are Jew-free today after a presence pre-dating Islam. It would make Hitler envious.

If we want Israel to survive we have to take our heads out of the sand. If not, we can keep condemning Israel for fighting back war after war after war. We can keep arranging failed “Peace Talks” while Hamas and Fatah openly breed and celebrate suicide bombers as “martyrs.”

The “Zionist entity” must go no matter the cost. It is Jihad. From all sides, Hamas, Hezbollah, the patient Muslim Brotherhood, and the Iranian Ayatollahs are waiting to dance on Israel’s grave.

Shall we pretend? Shall we pretend if only Israel would give this or that piece back, be nicer, get rid of the wall, do what the world tells Israel to do there will be peace? That it is up to Israel to make peace happen? There is only one thing up to Israel: To survive.

Israel is on the front lines of a terrible battle. The free world needs to celebrate, not condemn, Israel.

We cannot separate ISIS from other Islamic terror organizations. Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, PLO/Fatah are factions of the same ideology. They preach Islamic rule through Jihad. It doesn’t seem to matter enough how many times they tell us they want Israel destroyed, and the rest of us converted or dead. It doesn’t matter enough how many girls are raped, bought and sold, and women forced to cover up from head to toe.

Feminists, people I used to call my friends, are more interested in posing in anti-Israel videos condemning Israel instead of Hamas. They are afraid to watch Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “The Honor Diaries.” They prefer to stick their heads in the sand instead of supporting primarily Muslim women in Western countries from genital mutilation, forced marriage and suicide.

The response to Israel’s latest war in Gaza took me back to the early 1980’s when a woman at a Jewish Feminist Conference declared; “Israel should not exist if one single Palestinian has to be killed in the process.” It was the first time I heard a group of intelligent American Jewish feminists talk about how they “used to be Zionists,” and attempt to “enlighten” those of us who were “still” Zionists.

Today the same mentality is obvious in this community’s exhibitions of extreme sympathy for “Gaza” juxtaposed with an ugly rage towards Israel, instead of holding Hamas responsible for the carnage.

There is an Arabic saying; “If the camel could see his hump he would die from shame.” Shamefully, these anti-Zionists think they are being progressive while supporting the most repressive and brutal forces in our time, and betraying the Jewish people and the only country in the region where an LGBT community can exist and feminists can thrive.

If we take our heads out of the sand we see how Jews have been ethnically cleansed from most Muslim nations in the Middle East and North Africa in the last century. And today we see Yazidi girls and women raped and sold into sexual slavery, their families, their boys, their men helplessly trapped, tortured and brutally murdered by Islamic fundamentalists. We watch in horror as this ancient community tries to flee to nowhere be decimated. The girls sold to Jihadists, the families watching each other slaughtered, the most unimaginable terror happening right now.

“Don’t be an ostrich,” my mother taught me during my difficult childhood as a stateless Arab Jew in Japan. I tried not to be an ostrich by countering institutionalized anti-Semitism in my seventh grade class by presenting my book report on the horrors of the Holocaust. Before I returned to my seat, a classmate announced how her father told her Hitler was a good leader who built good roads for Germany. My nun, a Franciscan Missionary of Mary, responded with a lecture on how Hitler, “a baptized Catholic,” would eventually end up in Heaven if he “sincerely repented” before he died. But I, the unrepentant Jew, would never see Heaven and God.

I keep learning how hard it continues to be for Jews to survive as a People with a country. Instead of understanding the terrible truth, how a sovereign Jewish state is experienced as unbearable in Islamic ideology. Instead, Israel is condemned. Israel must be doing something to bring on such irrational, brutal holy war mentality. It has to be the settlements, we just need to get rid of the settlements and everything will be ok.

Meanwhile Palestinians continue to be used and manipulated. Kept as “refugees” and taught to become terrorists and suicide bombs, these refugee camps blessed by every single Arab country, breed human ammunition against Israel. And when Israel is forced to strike back, the ostriches and anti-Semites raise their heads and scream STOP! GENOCIDE! HOLOCAUST!

It is time to take Radical Islam’s deadly message seriously. Jihad is terrifyingly simple. Bombing us with human ammunition, building terror tunnels under Israel, ethnically cleansing minority groups in their path, committing one unspeakable horror after another, and sending us videos of beheadings in plain sight, is a message we cannot afford to minimize.

The world had to stop Hitler. The world is going to have to stop Radical Islam or there isn’t going to be any Israel or a “free” world.

There would be no wars or settlements if Fatah, Hamas and the Arab states accept Israel’s right to exist in peace. The United States and the rest of the world must support Israel’s existence by demanding the Arab states accept Israel, demilitarize Gaza, and fully integrate Palestinians rather than allow them to cynically and cruelly continue to cultivate festering refugees and Jihadist suicide bombers.

If we take our heads out of the sand we can begin demanding the world to expect nothing less than the Islamic world’s full acceptance, finally, of Israel’s existence. Until then, there is only one “settlement” being questioned: Israel.

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