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The big lie

A lie told enough times sounds like the truth.

When Obama speaks about anti-Semitism, he gets away with murder. In his world, Jew-hatred seems to be the sole domain of Christian-dominated countries.

This is the lie the Arab nations want the world to believe. This lie is the most potent ammunition against Israel.

The omission in Obama’s speeches of the 850,000-1,000,000 Jews, (including my family from Egypt and Iraq), mercilessly ripped off and expelled penniless from their native Arab lands soon after the modern state of Israel was established, goes unchallenged.

The United Nations has fostered the lie by blaming Israel for the permanent refugee camps where children are indoctrinated into becoming homicide bombers.

The U.N continues to promote the lie by banning any information pertaining to the expulsion and oppression of Jews in what became Arab lands. Recently the U.N made sure a panel on Jews from Arab lands was removed from an exhibit on Israel by threatening to block the entire project if it was left in.They do not want the world to see their hatred of JEWS or that there were Arab Jews.These countries are Jew-free today.

No wonder after 60 years we remain “The Forgotten Refugees, (JIMENA. ORG).”

The U.N sponsored cries of “Zionism is Racism” is back, echoing around the world, getting away with the big lie because the Arab nations are not taken to task.

The American President attacks the Prime Minister of Israel for not dismantling the settlements as if that is the reason for Palestinian and Jewish misery. Unfortunately it is hardly that simple. If it were, this issue would be settled by now, and Israel would no longer be sending its children to defend itself in one war after another.

For the Arab nations all Israel, the size of New Jersey, is “the settlement.”

Tragically the “conflict” has a deeper source:Under Islamic law, Jews are allowed to exist as second-class citizens at best, as a “Protected Minority,” Dhimmi.

But Dhimmitude was not enough. Arab nations cheered for Hitler to come and take care of their Jews too. Instead, Hitler was defeated and Israel was restored. Pogroms and new laws against the Jews arose in these lands.

Arab Jews/Jews from Arab countries were systematically humiliated and forced out penniless from their ancient communities predating Islam all over the Middle East and North Africa. All material possessions (except for one suitcase of clothing) and thousands of years of history were stolen, smashed, “confiscated.” Most became immediately stateless and settled in Israel. It was up to a dirt-poor Israel to “absorb” 650,000 Arabic Jews.

The “Arab Israeli Conflict” exists because there is no room for Jews (and as we are seeing today, other minorities) as equals in Arab lands.

The existence of Israel as a free country is an unbearable affront to Islam.

In psychoanalytic talk, the existence of Israel is experienced as “narcissistic injury.”Jews were not even allowed to ride a horse, God forbid, the Jew’s head may rise higher than a Muslim’s (Dhimmi Law).

In order to restore a sense of well being, the narcissistically injured master must get rid of the “offending object,” in this case the Jew/Israel.It is impossible to accept those who are by Islamic law deemed inferior, to be equal, let alone thriving, in a land of their own.

For the region to be pure, it must be cleansed of Jews who hold their heads high.There can be no independent Jewish State.

The thriving of Israel flies in the face of everything sacred in Islam. This is the problem America’s president(s) are unwilling to say out loud. The president of the United States could make the difference. The world listens to the Leader of the Free World.

If the United States and the rest of the world are to remain free much longer, sacrificing Israel and Jews is not the way.

When President Obama went and gave his Cairo speech he didn’t ask Egypt where are your Jews? He brought up Palestinian refugees without mentioning the expulsion or addressing the core issue. He didn’t touch the hideous reality: Arab nations created and continue to foster Palestinian “refugees” in this humanitarian crisis.

Not only did he do none of the above, Obama, the President of the United States, did not go next door to the Jewish state and show his support for the only struggling democracy in the entire region.

The calculated message did not get lost on the surrounding (look at the map) Islamic world unable to stomach Israel, the dirty Jew in its midst. The American President did not visit Israel in his first term.

Jihad is not a joke, and ISIS is not “a Jr. varsity team,” Mr. President.

Mrs. Clinton what are you going to do if elected?

Will a Republican President do better? So far the answer is negative.

In 1948 not one of these Muslim states would have believed Israel could win the three full-scale wars they waged against the Jewish state. Not in 1948, 1967, or 1972.

Hence the PR war was cunningly developed. We are inundated by false tears for the Palestinians the Arab nations keep stateless for human ammunition against Israel.

They are winning the PR war. As long as Arab Jews don’t exist the lie wins. And “Zionism is racism” gains traction as it moves its way up on the Politically Correct ladder.

As long as American Jews continue to allow this and any other future American President the ability to pretend away the existence of Arab Jewish refugees, we are helping in the destruction of our Jewish homeland.

As long as we don’t force the issue out into the open and speak about how half of Israel’s Jews were once refugees from Arab lands, we are complicit in the narrative to delegitimize and destroy Israel.

No matter how much arms you give a country the size of Israel, its survival depends on world opinion, and world opinion is shaped by the United States, the most powerful leader in the (still) Free World.


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