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Envy and Jew Hatred/Itbach el Yahud

Imagine trying so hard to get rid of the Jew/Israel’s offensive presence, and failing, over and over and over again.

As a People, Jews offend by surviving and by thriving.

It drives anti-Semites and Israel-Haters insane. It evokes Envy, a very uncomfortable and dangerous form of mental illness.

Anti-Semites wonder how we Jews are still around as a people.

Given what a tiny minority Jews are (0.2% of the world population), and despite all attempts to get rid of us, we not only survive, we excel in many arenas in disproportionate numbers.

Israel, (the size of the state of New Jersey), continues to survive despite all odds. It thrives despite ongoing attacks in three full-scale wars, terrorism, suicide attacks, world condemnation, and unrelenting attempts to delegitimize and question its very existence.

How dare Israel survive, how dare the Jew remain a Jew despite historic efforts to rid the earth of our offensive presence?

It makes our haters want/need, to get rid of us in order to feel good about themselves. Envy is the underbelly of Jealousy. An irritating but innocuous emotion, Jealousy is about feeling left out and wanting to be included. Envy is about feeling diminished, less than, by the other’s very existence.

Co-existence is not possible.

In 1947 after Partition, the Arab nations waged its first full-scale war on Israel. Israel had no IDF, no trained “army” or enough weapons to fight the onslaught. Vowing to “drive the Jews to the sea,” they failed.

Jews, by surviving pogroms, expulsions, and above all, the Holocaust, make anti-Semites feel bad about themselves.

My family in Baghdad, Iraq

Disenfranchise, humiliate, torture, gas, shoot, beat to death, six million in the Holocaust and we are still here?

Expel 850,000 Arabic Jews from all over the Middle East and North Africa, destroy entire Jewish communities predating Islam, after traumatizing them with hangings, impossible laws and pogroms, only to see the dirty Jew/Israel in their midst is intolerable.

They are still screaming “Itbach el Yahud,” slaughter the Jews, cries my parents lived with in their native Egypt and Iraq, even louder today.

Failing to win by “conventional” methods in war, the Arab world fuels Palestinian terrorism and kills its own to destroy Israel. Putting their own people in eternal misery, they cultivate and corner their own to be blown up as sacrifices on the altar of Envy.

The money coming from Iran to Hamas promoting this behavior is about to be enhanced by the country I waited twenty years to immigrate to. I find myself living in a country so ignorant or so afraid that it seems to believe its values; freedom, will be tolerated by the mullahs if we “include” countries who want not only Israel, but the United States destroyed.

Appeasement of terror is its own form of mental illness.


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