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A Kaddish for Steve Jobs

OCTOBER 5 2011

Brilliant Visionary

Eccentric genius

you blew your mind

and shared your trip

with the rest of us.

Unfortunate master

of Factory City Somewhere in Southern China old and young

risk disfigured hands assemble in deadly precision

Connect us

to everything but those hands

In Shenzhen City.

We wait, anticipate

coming soon

the new iphone 4 all the i’s the workers dot pod to pad

we live for the next breath of Air.

How well did you know about this city Apple built?

was it all just out of control like the rest of us Apple eaters. Are you just another pawn in the game another puppet in play the Mystics might say as we pretend all this is real.

Steve, i wonder where are you in the great Karmic Wheel of life where past present future are all one and already ran. where the game has already been won and lost.

Losing you rips through those of us

Who can only say Thank You

for connecting us

here there and everywhere

the fortunate.

Wishing you a good re-entry and round-trip ticket.

What will your next trip be?


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