Surviving Baghdad

“He was a Syrian doctor and his wife was my close friend.”It was not the norm. She felt special. Granny tells the story: “This couple loved me, a Jew, they always said I wasn’t like ‘the other Jews.’” “You grew up in Singapore not Iraq,” I remind her. She was nothing like “the other Jews,” including my mother, her eldest daughter, who grew up silenced in Baghdad, under the Muslim majority. It was a compliment, an honor to be experienced as not really Jewish/different, by this upper middle class couple whose parties she scandalously frequented (without her husband). My Granny, Matsuda/Meeda, was born and raised in Singapore as a British subject. She had no idea she had become a “dirty Jew,” u

Obama’s Impatience with Netanyahu and My Amulet Kissers

Obama is losing patience with Netanyahu? Today’s March 21 NY Times front-page news reports Obama taking “A Sharper Tone with Netanyahu” and “losing patience” with a PM who has not bowed low enough. An unfortunate sister column sits by its side; “Israeli leader further divides American Jews,” who are stepping in line and losing their sense of support for Israel. How sadly manipulated we Jews are. It is easy to understand, we are a miniscule less than .2 percent of the world population, .2 %! Israel is a tiny country with less than 6 million Israeli Jews, 5,968,600,at recent count, surrounded by over 321.9 million Muslims who have never made a secret of wanting and doing everything possible to

Rachel Wahba is a writer, psychotherapist, and co-founder of Olivia Travel/Companies. An Iraqi -Egyptian Jew, born in India, she grew up in Japan. 

The many dimensions of 

displacement and exile are a constant theme in her work as a writer, therapist, and in her activism as a Mizrahi Jew who grew up stateless. 

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