The Personal (Jew) is Political (Zionist)

Being a Jew affected every aspect of my life. Because we were Jews from Islamic lands, we were shamed out of our passports. Because my father was a Jew with no passport, he could not travel to open new markets for his import-export business or continue working with Middle Eastern and North African contacts. Muslim businesses refused to trade with my father when they found out he was a Jew. Because I was a Jew whose parents could not afford to send me to a school focused on teaching instead of converting, I had to live through daily shame and blame for the death of Christ. I stayed much longer than I should have in Stella Maris, where I was told that Hitler would go to Heaven if he “seriously

Rachel Wahba is a writer, psychotherapist, and co-founder of Olivia Travel/Companies. An Iraqi -Egyptian Jew, born in India, she grew up in Japan. 

The many dimensions of 

displacement and exile are a constant theme in her work as a writer, therapist, and in her activism as a Mizrahi Jew who grew up stateless. 

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