Unwrapping Fear

For years Olivia sent out its mailers covered up. For years my Jerusalem Report magazine arrived in my mailbox uncovered. And then for the last twenty some years, both arrived shiny and new and "out." The situation has changed. Once again I am split. Recently I started missing copies of my Jerusalem Report magazine. I assumed they were landing in someone else's mailbox. I didn't realize I had been throwing them away as junk mail until I got curious and tore open the dark gray plastic covering. There it was, my Jerusalem Report, suddenly hidden under an ugly wrapper. It took me back to when Olivia was forced to send out brochures (Olivia Records/Olivia Travel) in plain envelopes to our mailin

Rachel Wahba is a writer, psychotherapist, and co-founder of Olivia Travel/Companies. An Iraqi -Egyptian Jew, born in India, she grew up in Japan. 

The many dimensions of 

displacement and exile are a constant theme in her work as a writer, therapist, and in her activism as a Mizrahi Jew who grew up stateless. 

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